The best house in the world. How much does it cost.

A house of 130 m2, size: 10 x 11 m, per pane. Project specifications: 120 m2, 9 x 7.5 m. The building area is 130 m2. Here is the project more details with the price and characteristicsFacade of house. Photo source: The best-in-class project for the construction of a country house! It is suitable for homes with a small area of the plot where it is convenient to build structures without scaffolding.The roof on the house is gable, this is necessary when using the device of the under-roof storage system.The shape of the house is rectangular, convenient for creating the desired external and internal landscaping.Layout of the first floor. Photo source: The house on the ground floor has a comfortable living area of 18.5 sq. m. On such a small area of the house you will need to provide convenient storage systems, and the rooms can only fit into the living area.Mirror facade of the house. Photo source: The house has a separate kitchen of 6.4 sq.m. m., which can accommodate only the most necessary kitchen furniture. The living room is not far from the living room, there is more than enough space for a comfortable sofa.The house has a separate bathroom of 2.7 sq.m. it is not necessary to provide a shower or toilet, but you can make a small niche for a Desk or a small sofa. Such a house project can be built using frame technology or from profiled timber. Easy to do if necessary recalculate the estimated cost.Layout of the second floor. Photo source: The staircase in the house is located in the living room. it is very steep, it can be solved by using a profile pipe, or by using a columnar rail instead. It is easy to make repairs if necessary. The staircase is of a classic log shape, and the contour is convenient for placing in the space. On the second floor there is a master bathroom of 3,5 sq. m., which can accommodate a shower or bathtub, toilet, sink and washing machine.Such a house project can be built using frame technology or from profiled timber. It is a good option for projects of a small size. Here is a selection of similar small projects If you are interested in any details about this house or have an opinion on how to make its layout better, please like and write a question in the comments and we will be happy to answer you! Subscribe to our channel, there are a lot of interesting things about the cottage, as well as new projects country houses every day!